Early 1920's

Muir-Hill Service Equipment Ltd. Started by Mr Muir and Mr Hill developing the first Muir-Hill for Marcus Allen & Sons Ltd, brass and iron foundry together with chemical and mechanical Engineering, at Old Trafford, Manchester



Loaders began playing a major role in sales alongside the dumpers. This is also the year that Edward Boydell took over and changed the name to E. Boydell and Co Ltd.



E. Boydell introduced his first 1 3/8cu.yd capacity hydraulic
Loading Shovel, the 2WL.



E. Boydell & Co. was sold to Winget Ltd of Rochester , Kent .



David J B Brown had instigated the production of seven new loading shovels with lifting capacity ranging from 4000 lbs to 6000 lbs. During the latter part of this year the versatile 101 tractor, with its agricultural and industrial applications was introduced.



Winget Gloucester Ltd was sold to Babcock and Wilcox Ltd.
Along with this came a name change from E. Boydell and Co Ltd to Muir-Hill Ltd



The 101 was fitted with a 6 cylinder 6.354 Perkins engine and
became the 110. The new 110 tractor was mainly for export as soon overseas service facilities were limited by type. This year also saw the introduction of the 161 tractor. It's Perkins V8.510 engine made it the countries most powerful tractor. Trailer Dumpers were also introduced. These were to be hauled by the current tractors i.e. the smaller 13 and 20 ton models for use with either the 101 or 110 tractors whilst the 25 ton model was specifically for use with the 161 tractor.



The 121 Series II tractor was introduced to replace the 101 tractor it continued to utilise the 2715E engine, incorporated by the 101 tractor the previous year. Other improvements included sliding doors and an increased capacity integral fuel tank. At this time the 110 was also replaced. This was by the 111 tractor with similar improvements as those applied to the 101 tractor. The Perkins 6.354 engine was also adapted for the 111 tractor.



The 161 tractor was updated by the installation of the Perkins V8.540 engine along with the cab modifications and a single stack exhaust replaced the twin exhausts. This became the 171 tractor.



Further company re-organisation occurred and the subsidiary of Babcock International Plc, Babcock Construction Ltd incorporated Muir-Hill. This year also saw the introduction of the Series III range of tractors with the first 141 tractors. These had a choice of either a Ford 2704ET engine or a Perkins T 6.354.4.



Lloyd Loaders (MH) Ltd of Yorkshire acquired Muir-Hill from Aveling Barford.
The name still exists as part of this family run business.